Elon Musk to donate $250 billion for reparations to African Americans in U.S.”

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Mara Rev Resma Mara Rev Resma55 mins ago

Elon Musk’s capital is significant, and this week Forbes classified him as the greatest person worth more than $300 billion. But he isn’t delivering most of it continuously to a single case. A viral Instagram post states, “Elon Musk to grant $250 billion for payments to African Americans in the U.S.”

But this case started on a site named Viral Cocaine, where the “about us” part states that it is “a sarcastic news blog regarding everything hip hop, personalities, and public folklore, because who desires to listen to the truth when a story is more interesting.”

Musk’s real tale is considered a parody on the website, though that name is not apparent on the Instagram post. We could not find any data that shows Musk has made or will get a contribution for rewards or any single donation greater than $100 million.

In answer to a trial from a United Nations executive, Musk indicated that he would be prepared to donate $6 billion to fight world desire but has not performed to it.

The Viral Cocaine story involves fabricated quotes attached to people, involving “Dragon Master Adolph White of the North Carolina Chapter of the Klu Klux Klan” and “Antwan Morehouse of the Atlanta Division of the recently restored Black Panther Party.”

We could not find any history of actual people with those signs or titles.
The tale further incorrectly says that Musk is worth approximately $1 trillion.
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