Lil Baby On Rumored 4PF RICO Charge: “Only God Can Judge Me” 

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Earlier this month, Fulton County D.A. Fani T. Willis said two more high-profile RICO arrests will be made in the “next 60 days.” 

Things are shakey in the Atlanta rap scene right now. The Fulton County D.A. Fani T. Willis is striking down on gang activity in the Atlanta area with some high-profile arrests. Young Thug and Gunnaremain in jail after they were indicted in a RICO case involving YSL. Unfortunately, they aren’t the only two rappers who might face legal hardships in the near future.

There have been rumors that Lil Baby and 4PF could potentially end up becoming the next label to get hit with the RICO. Akademiks previously made the suggestion during his live stream, though he said it was largely speculative. However, it appears that Lil Baby is well aware that he might end up becoming the next major artist out of the A to get indicted.

The rapper acknowledged the potential case against him after tweeting about his desire to create young Black millionaires.

“I’m trying to start an investment group for the young black millionaires !! We can run the world if we play it right,” he wrote. That’s when a fan told him to keep an eye out “for that rico everybody keep talking about.” Baby responded to the fan, simply writing, “Only God can judge me.”

By Aron A. 

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