NBA YoungBoy The Last Slimeto Sampler

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Reviewed by Cam

NBA Youngboy The Last Slimeto Sampler

NBA Youngboy is back for another mixtape called The Last Slimeto Sampler now this mixtape is building up to the actual The Last Slimeto is a studio album that will be released at some point later this year. This mixtape in a way is NBA YoungBoy trying to get out his contract with Atlantic Records and his desire to be independent YoungBoy has been beefing with the music industry and other artists which will be talked about later in this review he did accuse Atlantic Records of blackballing him and sabotaging and stopping his last mixtape earlier this year “Colors”from going number one

NBA YoungBoy has joined with a bunch of artists to call out Atlantic Records and even comparing it to modern-day slavery. What I personally like about this album is honestly it being 11 Tracks easy album to listen to under 30 minutes honestly if NBA YoungBoy it’s still making the same music he’s doing now in the next couple years hopefully he sticks to the 11 track idea hus last mixtape and albums have at times felt like it overstays its welcome that’s why I’m concerned since DJ Akademiks reported the studio album version of “The Last Slimeto” will be 30 tracks already sounds overwhelming and a lot of filler. From listening to his previous work when his albums become long they start getting repetitive and going for generic Trap Beats. But still this mixtape is showing his maturity and Improvement as an artist and a person.

One thing I don’t feel like a lot of people are  talking about in other reviews the mixtape seems like NBA YoungBoy is having a bad feeling almost like he’s feels like he’s on borrowed time.I know this is not the first time for him talking about dying but it seemed like every song from the mixtape had some reference to it The production was decent still had generic Trap Beats no offense to Jason Goldberg and D Roc I know they’ve been working with NBA YoungBoy for a while but I feel like a lot of their beats sound the same. This is why I really liked NBA youngboy being on Tyler the Creator’s “Wusyaname” song it was a new beat and alternative sound that YoungBoy is not used to. I would like to see him do more music like that.

His first single and track from the mixtape is “4kt Baby” I like the beat lyrically is just another stereotypical gun-toting music video.His second single “I got the Bag” is actually my favorite song from the album nice lyrically the song takes a more humble approach with NBA YoungBoy’s success and him being grateful about the things he has but hey there is a reason why the NBA stands for Never Broke Again. Production wise the song I have a problem with is “Mr Grim Reaper” the beat is too similar to “4kt Baby” a bigger reason why NBA YoungBoy production-wise has generic beats or beats that sound the same “Mr Grim Reaper” and “4kt Baby” is pretty much is the Chili’s and Applebee’s of this mixtape. Same thing with “Lonely Life” and “Holy”. I like “Broke Again” one of those songs that would be great the play in the car with the volume on max the beat is a similar style to T.I.’s music now the song everybody is talking about is the last track “I Hate YoungBoy” in this song he calls out the music industry I love this track no subliminals straight saying names no coding first he went after Lil Durk and his fiance he said on the track that Lil Durk last song dissing him was terrible. Next he goes after Gucci Mane talking about how he used to like Gucci Mane but didn’t like Gucci hanging out with his opposition then went after Lil baby for the same thing he said Gucci did to him. I wonder is it due to those artists hanging out with Fredo Bang who one of NBA YoungBoy rivals and feeling like Lil durk was blaming him for King Von’s death and being paranoid that Lil Boosie don’t like him even says that he doesn’t want Lil Boosie to call his phone again then he went after YouTube basically calling them corporate bootlickers and referencing about them taking away the dislike button numbers and did a pretty much screw you to Apple music and in the song he was talking about the industry wants him dead and calling out artists who sold their souls. The album was decent, Again I hope he sticks to a 11 Tracks solution going to give it 4.8 out of 10

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