Ice Cube-Scarface Verzuz

In the Mix

On a recent episode of The Breakfast Club, the topic of a hypothetical Geto Boys Verzuz N.W.A. event came up, prompting rapper and record producer Scarface to propose a one-on-one battle against Ice Cube. However, Scarface put his creative thinking cap on and came up with something beyond the basic protocol—he proposed a battle with a different twist. 

“I’ll do one with Cube on [the] solo [tip],” Scarface said.“I’ll play all my favorite Cube shit, he’ll play all his favorite Face shit. I’ll beat him with that. I’ll kill him with the favorite Cube shit ’cause I got favorite Cube shit that can’t nobody touch.”

Hmmm! Tim and Swizz, you hear that? I would actually be interested to see this “nigga, I can pick your best shit better than you can pick mine” love-fest energy play out. I guess the digital battle co-creators can add that new spin to the ongoing list of wistful matchups—some of which artists suggested to The Rootat the 2021 BET Awards red carpet.

It looks like it took Scarface a few months to change his mind because back in November, he was actually about that real rap beef energy tweeting, “I’m not ever gonna do a VS. unless I don’t like the nigga, then I’ll destroy his ass…revisit that catalog again… 1988-2020.”

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