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From ripping it up with UGK to running with the¬†Baddest¬†Chick,Trina¬†Lil Lady¬†is an extravagant new breed of talent that‚Äôs blazing a trail on her¬†own.Poised¬†as a strong ,tough,commercially¬†viable female¬†M.C,Lil¬†Lady gracefully takes the¬†mic,ignites¬†her audience and delivers an explosive¬†performance.This¬†millennium rap diva was born in¬†Alton,Illinois,and¬†has navigated her way to the home of¬†Motown.In¬†the early¬†years‚Äô‚ÄôLil¬†lady‚Äô‚Äôsupported¬†her career by selling her first CD entitled ‚Äė‚ÄôLet me be¬†me‚Äô‚Äôfrom¬†her¬†trunk.Prior¬†to reaching Detroit¬†she connected with platinum selling lyrist‚Äôs Billy Cook¬†and Tony ‚Äė‚ÄôHitMan‚Äô‚ÄôBrown¬†in¬†Houston,Tx¬†to compile her second CD¬†self entitled¬†‚Äė‚ÄôLady‚Äô‚Äô which is selling on the internet at sites such as¬†CDBaby,Itunes,GreatIndy,Payplay¬†and other digital¬†distributions.Lil¬†Lady is definitely no stranger to the stage and is in no way camera¬†shy.Her¬†first claim to fame was by way of a bit part in the¬†movie‚Äô‚ÄôOne¬†fine¬†day‚Äô‚Äôwhich¬†was shot in¬†Berlin,Germany.This¬†inspired her modelingcareer,however¬†when given the opportunity to perform ,she found her most compelling gift to be¬†vocal.Lil¬†Lady has shared the mic with the south‚Äôs most nationally acclaimed rappers opening for artist such as Cash¬†Money,BG,Choppa,K,John¬†,Mystikal,¬†Trillville,Pretty¬†Ricky,also¬†she stood¬†along side¬†of Chicago finest¬†Twistasigning autographs on the side with her own lines ,Franchise¬†Boyz,Ray¬†J,2 Live¬†crew,Trick¬†Daddy¬†and Trina, The Ying Yang¬†Twins,Lil¬†Jon Eastside¬†Boyz,Eightball¬†and MJG and Lil Flip¬†also accompanied¬†Corey¬†Gunz,¬†in New Jersey¬†just to name a¬†few.Though¬†she can hold her own with the rappers she has created¬†an interesting blend of sound with platinum selling¬†lyrist,Billy¬†Cook,singing¬†hooks over her tracks for her ‚Äė‚ÄôLady‚Äô‚ÄôCD.Lil¬†Lady also accompanied Billy Cook¬†in¬†Hawaii where she delivered a stunning performance with him as¬†a¬†opening act for the¬†Isley¬†Brothers.Lil¬†Lady‚Äôs appearances include cameos in multiple documentaries ,in-store autograph¬†signings,multiple¬†teen summit performances to include receiving special recognition as a¬†celebrity guest ,performer, and judge for the teen summit in¬†Pascagoula,MS.Modeling¬†and performing for the modeling sensation Faye of Faye‚Äôs Fashion in¬†Belton,TX¬†and performing as a brand ambassador for the Seagram‚Äôs Gin Live tour in¬†Houston,TX.She¬†¬†has done numerous radio interviews at stations like KIIZ 92.3 F.M IN¬†Killeen,TX¬†KAZI 88.7 F.M in¬†Austin,TX,KPFT¬†90.1 F.M in¬†Houston,TX¬†¬†and WHPR 88.1 in Highland¬†Park,MI,There,she¬†co-hosted her own one hour comedy segment¬†entitled‚Äô‚ÄôDestined¬†For Greatness‚Äô‚Äô as¬†time went by she hook up with first move entertainment who took a liking to her character and her music decided to put her in numerous of shows, opening up for comedians such as¬†Frankie Hayes off of¬†Wild‚Äôn¬†Out,and¬†Legendary‚Äô‚Äôdowntown‚Äô‚ÄôTony¬†Brown and Mike¬†Bonner,Popcorn,Ralphie¬†May¬†R.I.P.and¬†comedians from B.E.T. Tony Roberts and Earthquake also Capone from Def comedy jams also Dirty Redd from Def comedy jams and Monique Parker and Reynaldo Rey from B.E.T COMIC¬†VIEW,Rodman¬†,Tommie Chun and Tony¬†Roberts.D-Ray, Cocoa Brown just to name a few hell all of Detroit‚Äôs Michigan finest she has hit the stage such as Tony¬†Ronny,Howie¬†Bell just to name a few‚ĶIn Detroit Michigan¬†she shared the stage with Motown legends such has Alicia Myers and she also shared the stage and accompanied the Dramatics on a radio interview out of¬†Kalamazoo,M.I¬†for the black essence fair, which she took second place with a stunning performance with her ‚Äė‚ÄôMAMA‚Äô‚Äôsong,out¬†of 132 artist¬†worldwide..She¬†is also known for giving her own explosive headline¬†shows,which¬†led to her becoming a promoter promoting meaningful events such as All Lives Black Lives Matter 47 State Tour which she gave great effort to¬†achive.When¬†the media asked how many states did you accomplish ? she replied with a laugh and said I only conquered 13¬†states,but¬†which it still didn‚Äôt stop her on her journey for more which led her up to her new¬†project which is ‚Äė‚ÄôTHE FIRST ANNUAL BLACK HERITAGE MOVEMENT CARPET AFFAIR‚Äô‚Äô her only mission is to bring unity back¬†together,which¬†creates a platform for herself and other¬†artist.With¬†all that multi talent she stretches onto her r and b hip hop music¬†side,which¬†landed her with a hit single called ‚Äė‚ÄôIts Official, the first single off of her¬†E.P.Canetra¬†also believes in the philosophy ‚Äė‚ÄôIf you don‚Äôt invest in yourself¬†no one else¬†will‚Äô‚Äôshe¬†truly believes in making a way out of no way and has the heart of a lioness with a hustle harder than 50 niggas put¬†together,with¬†amazing strength to fight and destined to become the star that she was called to be by the¬†universe..By¬†any means necessary she is standing her ground and focusing on her path on top of that she is currently working on a new project with Tony Hitman so be on the lookout for this r and b hip hop/pop and gospel‚Ķ.

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