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“If your dreams don’t scare you, they are too small”

Upcoming Release

Check out my new release coming on June 12, 2021 – entitled Tears Don’t Make No Flowers Grow (feat MoJo). The single will be available on all digital platforms. There will be a pre-release date of May 26th on Spotify! Please support the movement as we hope this Saucey Muzik production will BLESS YOUR LIFE!

Who I am

The son of two music lovers, my mother sat me in front of the music player as a baby. My soul, fundamentally rooted in R&B and funk, gave way to a new musical art form called rap music. I was hooked. Soon, as a teen, I was pounding on my classroom desk to make beats, and scribbling enough lyrics to wear out my spiral notebook. (click image to hear Bad Politics)

Why I do it

While continuing to pursue my passion, I scribe verses and songs with the intention of challenging the listener to unpack the gift of lyricism and flow. (Click image to hear The Dust Up)

What I want

I only ask that you give me your ear… I’ll take it from there. (Click image to hear Portrait of my Pain)

New Music

Check out a new musical collaboration “we Rollin” with D Ryde Productions! West Coast BANGER!!Click here to listen

The Block:

The place where you can hear classic Killajoe tracks, see videos, and listen to songs from some of my artist affiliates

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